The Department of Agriculture (DoA) in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) based on the global strategy, has come up with a pilot project to review and improve the existing crop yield measurement system through crop-cut methods especially for the major cereal crops viz. rice and maize. The objective of this pilot study is to develop a relevant crop-cut procedure to estimate the production and correct sampling methods. The activity is planned to be piloted at Punakha and Sarpang Dzongkhags for rice and Zhemgang Dzongkhag for maize.

To facilitate the development of new improved crop cut method, Dr. U.C Sud, Director of Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute (IASRI), Pusa, New Delhi was invited to familiarize with the Bhutanese farming system and understand the field realities that include the problem and challenges in the existing crop-cut method. This preliminary visit will further guide for joint venture in developing the improved crop-cut methods for the field extension workers.

The consultant was lead by the member from AEIMS who visited the ARDC, Bajo on 18th September 2016. A meeting was commenced with researchers from field crop sector to discuss on the existing crop cut methods.  The consultant was also highlighted on the current issues of crop cut that result to irregularities of data from the field. The meeting also discussion and compare the methods of crop cut carried out in other countries especially in India. Following the discussion, the team had a field visit to the farmer fields in Punakha dzongkhag to experience the crop cut methodology in Bhutan. The visit of the FAO consultant is considered important to further develop an improved procedure for crop cut that will mitigate the existing problem while conducting crop cut and yield assessment thus generating authentic data for policy and planning.

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