No. ARDC-B/ADM-07/2021-2022/201                                                                   November 29, 2021

The Program Director,

Information Communication & Technology Division (ICTD)

Ministry of Agriculture & Forests,           


Subject : Request to upload the following short listed candidates under ESP category


Kindly upload the following short listed candidates under ESP category in the website of MoAF:

“ARDC, Bajo is pleased to announce the following shortlisted candidates for the post of farm attendants under ESP category advertised vide No.ARDC-B/ADM-07/2021-2022/59, dated November 03, 2021

SlNo.Name of the applicantGenderCID NumberContact Number
1Pema Dolma TamangF1180200096677406002
2Gopal Singh DumjanM1130500465077221820
3Nirmala TamangF1180300291017801308
4Nima Dolma TamangF1180100033617527903
5Sangay TshomoF1110600541277781556
6Nisha Nath BhataraiM1120500070517814754
7Bhima Maya UpretiF1180200105117501969
8Jai Narayan UpretiM1180200104617382496/77230338
9Sonam RinchenM1060800188017838262
10Devi Maya DhakalF1131000067477200313
11Tshering PelkiF1060300102717455292
12Nir Maya TamangM1180900006417689256
13Phul Maya RaiF1181100344317671166
16Dawa PenjoreM1040700177077292286

“Therefore, the selection interview shall be held on Friday, December 10, 2021 at 9.00 AM in the office of the Farm Manager, Chhimipang Royal Project (CRP), Punakha failing which the candidature will not be entertained by the HR committee of the Centre”

Thanking you ,

Yours sincerely,

Pema Chofil

Program Director

CC :

  1. Chief HR Officer, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests, Thimphu for kind  information
  2. Offtg. ICT-Technical Associate, ARDC Bajo to upload in our website www.rcbajo@gov.bt
  3. Farm Manager, Chhimipang Royal Project (CRP) Punakha  to attend the selection interview
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