1.Ensure effective management of general administration of the organizations: personal administration, property management /maintenance budget requirement, procurement of office materials.
2.Ensure proper recording and filling of all types of officials’ documents including personal files and service book of staff and ESP of ARDC Bajo, ARDSC, Tsirang and CRP Punakha.
3.Shall responsible for maintaining the records of appointment/transfer/ promotion/ leave/ increment/Royal civil service award and resignation/ superannuation orders of the staffs and ESP in the center and ARDSC sub-center.
4.Process ESP recruitment, selection and other HR related activities for ESP and Staff of the organization.
5.Carrying out protocols for VVIPs, guest and visitors at the center.
6.Ensure timely procurement of works and goods based on the procurement rules guidelines.
7.Ensure timely settlement of all bills and invoices by making sure that the bills and vouchers processed by the subordinates are scrutinized as per rules.
8.Coordinate human resource requirement and capacity development of center
9.Monitoring &Evaluation of research and development programs
10.Support management services required for linkages with national, regional and international center of excellence
11.Facilitate planning and implementation of R&D programs
12.Mobilization of financial and physical resources for centre and sub-centres programs.
13.Regularly monitor and review research programs and provide information to Dzongkhags, central programs and ARDCs.
14.Compile, synthesize and report on the progress on regular basis.
15.Ensure effective financial management
  • Coordinate, prepare annul budget proposals, compile and incorporate in MYRB system
  • In-corporate and process all supplementary budget transferring in/out fund though system.
  • Submission of BUP on quarterly basis.
  • Provide financial services for all deposit works, project and adhoc activities.
  • Ensure all fund are used as per the BUP/IWP.
  • Advice management on financial rules, procedure, and guidelines to ensure development works are managed within the parameters of financial rules.
  • Ensure all revenues are collected and deposit on timely basis.
  • Submit quarterly and annual financial report.