A group of young farmers from Dophuchen geog led by Mr. Dawa Tshering Geog Forest Extension Officer (GFEO) under Dorokha Dungkhag visited RNR-RDC Bajo on 8th April, 2016. The group consisted of 7 female and 9 male of age group between 18 to 25 years. These youth are the Community Forestry Management Group (CFMG) members who are mainly engaged in cardamom cultivation.

The objective of their visit was “To get exposure and get new ideas, understand and explore the new technologies with research and development so that they can implement the same ideas back in their field”.

The group was briefed on the centre and its research and development activities after which they were taken to the various research trials and demonstration plots at the centre.

Their visit started with the visit to the Field crop sector, where they were taken to wheat field and explained about various trials on wheat. They were shown the new crop Quinoa and were explained about its potential benefits. In the Forest/floriculture nursery, they were explained about cuttings and propagation of different flower and forest plants.  In the Horticulture block, the group was explained on the importance of nursery and propagation methods and demonstration on various fruit crops propagation techniques like cutting, grafting and top working.

The visit was concluded with a brief conclusion note by the Program Director (PD). The PD explained about the importance of youth’s role in agriculture farming and about the prospects of youth in agriculture farming.

The group expressed their interest in the field of new technologies like grafting,
top working and new crop varieties.