1. Provide specialist services on overall agriculture research and development
2. Provide specialized services, technical advice, expertise and assistance on field crops research and development focusing on rice
3. Advise and assist in the development of linkages in the field of research with agencies and  institutions within and outside the country
4. Advise Department Head/Secretary of the Ministry or any other authority on the technical  matters pertaining to the professional field of agriculture research, including adoption and development of appropriate management strategies and technologies
5. Provide expertise and assistance in preparing strategic plans, both short and long term, related to the national research program
6. Conceptualize and design research projects of national and regional importance for the country, in sync with development partners and donors.
7. Review, prepare and implement guidelines on research methodology, analysis and evaluation of research program at the national level
8. Assist in designing research impact studies, data analysis and synthesis and consolidate  impact reports
9. Provide advisory and editing services for preparation and publication of technical reports of the centre