1.Conduct research on fruit and nut, vegetables, MAPS and mushroom to    generate new technologies (varieties and production packages).
2.Coordinate, implement, assist , lead and monitor horticulture research program in the region.
3.Collect indigenous fruits and nut, vegetables, MAPS and mushroom crops for crop improvement and variety development.
4.Produce and maintain breeder seed and mother block  of released and pre-released horticulture crop varieties.
5.Build database/ knowledge base on horticultural crops in the region.
6.Prepare short, medium and long-term research plans and programs for the commodity in line with the department’s research strategies and goals
7.Disseminate research technologies through outreach sites, demonstration, field days, study tour and hands on training.
8.Provide technical support to the Dzongkhag extensions and farmers in the region
9.Prepare progress report on horticulture crops, compile and publish on regular basis