Under technical guidance and collaboration with the National Plant Protection Centre, Plant Protection Unit carries out research and development activities related to pathology, entomology, weed and vertebrate pest management in west central Bhutan.

PP Unit collaborates with Field Crop and Horticulture Sectors of the center to establish plant protection research and demonstration activities at research station and substation and farmers’ fields. PP unit also develops crop specific pest and disease management recommendation and extension materials with time to time review and continuous research activities. The unit also provides basic laboratory and diagnostic services towards identification of pests and diseases to the client districts of west central Bhutan. The PP unit carries out pest and disease surveillance activities and maintains a database on pest and diseases of the region.

The Unit under the technical guidance of NPPC (1) provides training to the extension officers on a) plant pest and disease management, b) safe handling of plant protection chemical to the extension officers and farmers and (2) coordinate and plan with other sections of the RDC, NPPC and the Department to provide rapid response to dzongkhags during the time of emergency (outbreak of pest and diseases).

Major current activities are:
1. Surveillance of important pests of major cereals, fruits and vegetables.
2. Research on climate smart pest and disease control technologies.
3. Demonstration on pest management technologies like pheromone traps, fruit bagging, and etc.