Soil and  Land Management Unit is responsible for providing technical support services related to soil and plant sample testing and giving recommendations and necessary services related to soil and land management. Over the year, we are involved in soil sampling in farmers’ field and also on station for research purpose. The unit also carried out activities to promote  organic  farming in  the  region.  Promotion  of  green  manuring,  composting,  and vermi-composting and use of EM solution are being promoted in the region. The unit also promote  and  carried  out  various  SLM  activities  in  the  region  in  collaboration  with Dzongkhags and NSSC Semtokha to combat land degradation. We maintained a Napier multiplication block which is the source of Napier cuttings used in SLM activities. In order to have concrete data on land degradation in the region two soil erosion measuring plot are being maintained at Royal Project Chimipang and ARDSC Menchuna respectively.

Major actiovities carried out by IPM unit are: Survey study on Insect Pests, its Natural Enemies and Diseases Occurrence in Fruits and Vegetables in West Central Bhutan; The efficacy of Mixol 72 against chilli blight, trials on Electric Fencing Using HDPE Pipe and Bird Net Installation for Pear and Persimmon Orchard; Large Scale Promotion of IPM Technologies which         includes   Comparative-demonstration on use of herbicides against shochum and other rice weeds (On-station) and  Rice stem borer management using pheromone traps (On-station and on-farm)