Overall goal in the future:
Horticulture production is expanded with appropriate technologies in the target areas.

Project purpose to be achieved:
Implementation system or promotion to horticulture production in the target areas is developed.

Outputs to be produced:
1. Appropriate technologies for promoting horticulture farming are developed.
2. Vegetables seeds and fruits seedlings production system at ARDC-Bajo,private nurseries and seed growers is strengthened.
3. Training and extension system for promoting horticulture farming is strengthened

Major activities to be done:

  • Develop farm fields and facilities of ARDC-Bajo and ARDSC-Mithun for technology development.
  • Introduce and identify suitable cultivar/varieties and develop appropriate technologies for horticulture farming in the target area.
  • Develop appropriate technologies for production of quality seeds and seedlings of horticulture crops.
  • Provide capacity development programs for researchers and extension officers.
  • Provide training for selected farmers to establish demo farms and focus villages.
  • Select and train private nurseries and seed growers to enhance seed and seedling production in the region.
  • Develop appropriate extension materials.

About Integrated Horticulture Promotion Project

Implementing Agencies:
Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests Japan International Corporation Agency(JICA)

Project Period:
Five-year project from 12 January, 2016 to 11 January, 2021

Project Location:
Agriculture Research and Development Centre, Bajo (ARDC-Bajo) and Mithun sub-centre (ARDSC-Mithun)

Project Sites:
Five districts in the West Central Region in Bhutan (Punakha, Wangdue phodrang, Tsirang, Dagana and Gasa)

Project Members:
–Project Director (Director, Department of Agriculture)
–Project Manager (Program Director, ARDC-Bajo)
–Researcher in ARDC-Bajo and ARDSC-Mithun
–District Agriculture Officers and Gewog Extension Agencies
–Japanese Experts dispatched by JICA

Implementation Mechanism
For the effective and successful implementation of the project, two coordination committees viz. Joint Coordinator Committee at the national level and Working Group at the district level have been formed with different roles and responsibilities as decision-making mechanism.