1.Provide engineering advisory services for development to ARDC Bajo engineers for irrigation water management infrastructures construction/renovation of irrigation conveyance structures (open channel, pipeline), irrigation water storage reservoirs, irrigation water application systems (drip and sprinkler) starting from survey, planning and design, and implementation.
2.Provide engineering advisory services to ARDC Bajo engineers for general RNR infrastructures in ARDC Bajo region in terms of surveying, planning, design, implementation, and maintenance.
3.Support Dzongkhag engineers in the region (Bumthang, Trongsa, Punakha, Wangdue, Tsiang, and Dagana) for development of irrigation water management infrastructures starting from survey, planning, and design.
4.Formulate and develop irrigation water management plans, programs and assess investment requirements.
5.Analyses & appraises irrigation projects and programmers for recommending to the Government for development approval.
6.Carry out irrigation water management policy analysis and recommend measures for change to improve water use efficiency and equity.
7.Provide technical advice to the Program Director on adoption of appropriate irrigation water management technologies and standards for enhancing and sustaining agriculture production system. 
8.Objectively appraise the performance of subordinates according to established goals and objectives in order to determine training needs, rectify performance problems or weak areas, potential and recognize achievement.
9.Approve engineering designs/plans of ARDC Bajo projects/program activities.
10.Conduct detailed engineering feasibility studies or program review as required.
11.Mentor young engineers in solving engineering problems and issues.
12.Undertake engineering related tasks as directed by Program Director.