The Agriculture Research and Development centre (ARDC), Bajo under Wangdiphodrang Dzongkhag was first started in 1965 as Demo farm. Later in 1982, it became CARD and started research activities. In 1994, it was called as RNR RC and further in 2011 RNR RDC.  Finally in 2016, it was upgraded to full-fledge ARDC to develop agriculture research and development related services. The centre covers land area of 50.9 Acres.

Currently, the ARDC has two Sub-Centres in Tsirang (ARDCSC) and Chimipang Royal Project. The land area for Tsirang (ARDCSC) and Chimipang Royal Project are 34.6 Acres and 165 Acres respectively. Overall, the ARDC, Bajo caters services to the farmers of West-Central Region comprising of 5 Dzongkhags namely Gasa, Wangdue, Punakha, Dagana and Tsirang.

Vision and Mission: The Centre’s vision is to be a dynamic and excellent centre for agriculture research and development that generates and shares suitable knowledge, skills, and experiences to all users for sustainable agriculture development for healthy nation. The mission is to develop and disseminate appropriate agriculture technologies to enhance sustainable food production while ensuring judicious and effective uses of natural resources and preservation of environmental biodiversity

The objectives of ADRC are as follows:

  • To generate appropriate technologies for sustainable agriculture development for the west-central region and the whole nation.
  • To disseminate proven technologies to the users in the most appropriate, efficient, effective, and transparent manner
  • To deliver agriculture research and development related services in accountable, transparent, efficient and effective ways.