The Research Communication sector is mainly responsible for disseminating successful research results of all research disciplines of the Centre to the extension system of various departments for their adoption and adaption. A total of 10 publications were developed and published.  These  publications consist of both technical and extension materials. Beside the development of extension materials, the Centre published a series of technical papers in both international and national papers as journal papers. RCO Unit has collected detailed lists of RNR publications produced by ARDC Bajo as well as publications shared by other sister RDCs, Central Agencies, Department and other relevant agencies and maintained in the library as reference. Library cataloguing has been maintained by the sector. To maintain the historical records, the RCO Unit has carried out research on documentation of old pictures and photos of research activities of ARDC-Bajo into photos albums. More than 2500 pictures are categorized, levelled and maintained into photo album under various research activities.

Centre was visited by various groups of visitors comprising farmers, students, youths, trainees from various schools & institutes, Dzongkhag RNR Extension staff and Research officials. Learning objectives of visitors varied from one group to another. It has been found that farmers are more interested in seeing new crop varieties, which are high yielding. Extension personnel are also keen on new technologies and information related to those technologies whereas trainees, outsider guests and other institution visitors have specific objectives visiting the Centre