Agriculture Research and Development Centre (ARDC), Bajo joined the nation in the Mass Cleaning Champaign held on the 9th December 2016. The cleaning campaign was initiated to commemorate 10 years of His Majesty, the fifth Druk Gyalpo’s enthronement.

The centre celebrated the day by organizing a mass cleaning in and around the centers premises. The 72 staffs of the centre were divided into five groups with each group lead by a group captain was allotted specific areas for cleaning. The cleaning champaign started by 8 am in the morning and continued till 12 noon. Each individual reported to the group with tools and sacks to collect the garbage. As per the Bhutanese calendar, the 9th December being an auspicious day, so the burning of garbage was not instructed. All non-degradable garbage especially papers, plastics and bottles were picked and later was collected by the Dzongkhag garbage collector vehicle for dumping at the Dzongkhag’s dumping yard. Besides picking the thrown-around garbages, cleaning of irrigation channels, small drains and research fields were also carried out.

The centre shares the nation’s joy in marking the auspicious day with the gratified cleaning campaign and aspires to strive for more such initiatives towards realizing his Majesty’s aim of “Keeping Bhutan clean”