Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector and ARDC, Bajo in collaboration with FMCL and NSC conducted Field Day on Demonstration of Wheat Thresher at Thangu, Tshetsho geog, Wangduephodrang on 10th May, 2017. It was attended by the extensions of all wheat growing geogs of Wangdue and farmers of Thangu village. The other attendees include thresher Operators of FMCL, Dzongkhag Agriculture staff, NSC staff and Field Crops staff of ARDC.

The Field Day commenced with the welcome speech by DAO, Wangdue. He spoke on the importance of farm mechanization and highlighted on the tedious nature of traditional manual threshing and benefit of the thresher for enhancing wheat production in the country. Operators from FMCL demonstrated on the use and handling of the machine. This was the first time, where a thresher has been used for threshing of wheat in Thanju village.  Extension staffs and farmers actively participated in using the thresher.

Feedbacks were collected from farmers and extensions at the end of the field day.  A detail report will follow after conducting few more field days in some other geogs. The Field Day was sponsored by National Wheat Program based at ARDC, Bajo.

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