The Value Chain and Marketing Expert, TA-FAO in FSAPP is carrying out a Training of Trainers  on Economic Analysis of Farm Enterprises for Researchers of  the three ARDC Bajo starting 15th July to 17th July,2020. The training is facilitated by Mr. Dophu Dukpa, Marketing & Value Chain Expert of FSAPP (TA-FAO). Eleven Research officer from ARDC Bajo are attending the course.
By the end of the training, the participants will be able to:

  1. Use a number of economic analysis tools to assess and compare the costs and benefits of farm enterprises so as to determine their profitability for farmer investors.
  2. Use a number of economic analysis tools to assess and compare the additional costs and additional benefits of new technologies so as to determine their attractiveness to farmers.
  3. Apply sensitivity analysis so as to determine the main factors that influence profitability of enterprises and technologies, so as to find ways to influence these factors.
  4. Calculate the costs of production of particular farm enterprises.
  5. Decide which methods are most appropriate to collect data to be used for economic analysis 
  6. Make an individual action plan for using the skills learnt during the training in their own situation.
  7. Be able to train farmers in basic enterprise budgeting
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