Integrated Horticulture Promotion Project (IHPP) conducted fifth batch IHPP Farmers training for selected farmers on 5-6 November, 2020 for selected farmers of Wangdue, Phunaka & Gasa at ARDC Bajo and on 12-13 November, 2020 at ARDSC Menchunna for Tsirang and Dagana farmers. 

The objective of this training was to expose the selected farmers to horticulture basics & horticulture interventions (technologies) that have been successfully implemented at ARDC-Bajo which were generated by JICA projects

The training was more on practical hand-on training on-station. The training agenda included Horticultural Basics from Nursery to the Field (Lifecycle, irrigation and mulching, fertilization etc), Integrated Disease &Pest Management, Bio-Char, ash and Bokashi making Processed products, Compost management, potting soil mix and pot, Rootstock seed preparation & sterilization, Fruit Thinning and Bagging etc. Besides these topics, processing kiwi jam, ginger syrup; monitoring instruction (for extension officers) and fruit testing were also covered. 36 interested farmers benefited from this training course.
The COVID-19 protocols were strictly followed during the training period.